August 24 – Introductions

August 31 – The Ragged Edge of the World

Encounters at the Frontier Where Modernity, Wildlands, and Indigenous Peoples Meet
War and Peace; Culture Wars; Roads to Ruin; Apes at the Brink

September 7 – The Ragged Edge of the World (continued)

The Antipodes: The Long Reach of Humanity; The Near Wild; Survivors; Inner Worlds: Magic, Practical and Otherwise

September 14 – Animism

Respecting the Living World
From Derogatory to Critical Term; Animist Case Studies

September 21 – Animism (continued)

Animist Issues; Animism’s Challenges

September 28 – Coming Home to the Pleistocene

The Relevance of the Past; Getting a Genome; How We Once Lived; How the Mind Once Lived; Savages Again

October 5 – Coming Home to the Pleistocene (continued)

Romancing the Potato; The Cowboy Alternative; Wildness and Wilderness; The New Mosaic—A Primal Closure

October 10 (Monday 8:00 a.m.) – PROPOSAL DUE

October 12 – The Spell of the Sensuous

Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World
The Ecology of Magic; Philosophy on the Way to Ecology; The Flesh of Language

October 19 – The Spell of the Sensuous (continued)

Animism and the Alphabet; In the Landscape of Language

October 24 (Monday 8:00 a.m.) – BIBLIOGRAPHY DUE

October 26 – The Spell of the Sensuous (continued)

Time, Space, and the Eclipse of the Earth; The Forgetting and Remembering of the Air; Coda: Turning Inside Out

November 2 – Lovelock and Gaia

Signs of Life
Goldilocks’ Planet; Origins; Going Public; From Hypothesis to Theory; From Gaia to Geophysiology; From Geophysiology to Earth System Science; Gaia Gets Respectable

November 7 (Monday 8:00 a.m.) – OUTLINE DUE

November 9 – Hunting Sacred, Everything Listens

A Pueblo Indian Man’s Oral Tradition Legacy
North; West; South; East

November 16 – Presentations, HANDOUT DUE

November 23 – Fall Break

November 30 – Projects

December 7 – Conclusions, PAPER DUE